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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Pallas's Warblers

One of two PALLAS'S WARBLERS trapped and ringed at the NOA observatory on the morning of the 30th October, the 7th and 8th to be ringed at the observatory. Both birds were trapped and ringed down the east bank, with the second having a brighter supercillium and wing-bars. In between releasing the two birds one (presumed to be the second bird) was noted in the field, in the sycamore by the observatory. Later on in the day a single Pallas's Warbler was showing well in the corner of the NWT carpark and it may have been yet another new individual, as it was reported to have perhaps been unringed. With good numbers of grounded migrants, including a Barred Warbler around the NOA reserve, and steady overhead passage, including a superb count of 14329 Starlings, it was a superb autumn day, probably the best of the whole year so far. For full sightings please see here. Pictures © J.Andrews (top) and © Connor D. Rand. Words by Connor D. Rand

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