Winter at Holme Bird Observatory (please click for clip)

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Butterflies and moths

More recent pictures from the observatory by Jed Andrews (click to make them bigger). Large and Small Elephant Hawkmoths (top) and an obliging Common Blue.

Wood Warbler

This Wood Warbler was an excellent Holme record, especially in Spring, although slightly overshadowed by the Flycatcher! Photo © Julian Bhalerao.


More images of the 1st-summer male COLLARED FLYCATCHER found by David Roche on 8th May. Tope photo © Julian Bhalearo, bottom two photos © Sue Bryan.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

8th May Collared flycatcher at Holme - another Mega and only the fourth norfolk record

Collared flycatcher Holme 8th May
with grateful thanks to Dave Holman who took and supplied the photos

2 happy people on another glorious day at Holme.

Sophie Barker with David Roche - A red letter day for DAVID who had returned to the trees around the Caravan along the entrance track, relocated the mornings rather elusive Wood warbler - and then set the pagers ablaze by finding a Male COLLARED FLYCATCHER IN THE SAME TREE !!!!

Fortunately the bird stayed and showed well to an ever increasing crowd, which at 1 point included both Sophie and NOA Chairman Geof Barker, as well as the Norfolk County Recorders, Dave and Jackie Bridges among the admiring crowd.

The opening of the NOA Car park at Redwell Marsh prevented gridlock along the access track and a welcome opportunity to raise funds in generous donations from arriving birders

A small part of the crowd anxiously scanning the Trees

Green Hairstreak 1 of at least 2 chasing around the Obs pond and actually settling for the camera - unlike any of the Flycatchers around the Obs.

Small Elephant Hawk moth - A couple of recent Hawk moths out of the trap

Poplar Hawk Moth

Friday, 6 May 2011

Whinchat 6th May

Photo by Ian Simmons. Amongst a few more grounded migrants today, hopefully a promising sign of more stuff to arrive over the weekend....

Recent butterflies and moths

All photos by Jed Andrews.