Winter at Holme Bird Observatory (please click for clip)

Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Bugs Life at the Obs

Eyed Hawk Moth  at rest - with the 'Eye' markings hidden

Privet Hawk Moth - showing the striped pattern on the body, and a hint of the underwing markings. A large moth,spectacular  in flight

Elephant Hawk Moth
Wasp Beetle
Musk Beetle -  shimmering in the sunshine 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

New viewing platform at the Obs up and running !

The Memorial plaque dedicated to former NOA Chairman Geoffrey Barker, placed on the new viewing platform at the Observatory - the erection of which was made possible by generous donations in appreciation of Geoffrey's years of service to the NOA and its members.
Members of Hunstantons University of the 3rd Age on a recent visit to the observatory,enjoying the superb views provided by the platform

The Obs Ringing Shed complete with new roof, funded by recent donations

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spring 2013...

...certainly won't go down as a classic. However, there were some highlights, with the aforementioned Icterine Warbler trapped and ringed on the reserve on 17th May and further easterlies as May wore on produced a smattering of drift migrants, with a female Red-backed Shrike 18th-21st, a male Red-backed Shrike 31st May, a Pied Flycatcher 30th May-1st June and small numbers of Spotted Flycatchers (all pictures by Pam Rand - click to make them bigger)