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Thursday, 28 August 2008

26th August - Juvenile Arctic Skua in front of the Hide - Redwell strikes again !!!

The pictures really don't do the bird justice !! One minute the water held a few ducks generally milling about , the next we were treated to the Skua bobbing about on the waves - sneaking in unseen and unanounced !! It sat on the water, went up, flew around a bit, and came back to the water for some time, before flying again and vanishing to the north ! Shame about the light for the camera.

Spotted Redshank 18th August.

Spotted Redshank 23rd August, 1of 2 regularly appearing close to the hide over recent days.

Wood Sandpiper lingering nicely on the marsh ......

Meanwhile, crawling about at the lower level .... Cute ?

Photos by Ray Roche.

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